petek, 12. april 2013

Istrske Toplice

Yesterday we finally had a little sun in Slovenia so we went climbing in Croatia. After a lot of thinking we decided to go in a new climbing area in Istrske Toplice. Since it was raining one night before we were expecting the worst. But all the routes were almost dry and we could enjoy nice climbing day on the sun. 
My main goal of the day was to climb one project from Gerhard Hörhager. With the help of his betas I was able to do in 3rd try. We decided it colud be graded 8c+ and the name is Cavemen's playegound.
Resting before the crux
Final crux
After happy ending :)
foto: Leo Baumgartner
Topo from Gerhard Hörhager
Now it's raining again and I can go back to train on plastic. wiippii :)

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