ponedeljek, 13. maj 2013

WC Log-Dragomer

This week we had a home competition in Log. It started all good although I thought I was climbing bad and without any coordination. I came to the semifinals and I was happy. On sunday it was much better day for climbing. I was feeling good and it was cool to climb. First boulder felt easy, third and fourth were nice, but I was a few seconds to late to reach the top. For the second one I still don't have any idea how could I start???

Now there is no time to rest. Soon there will be next comp in Innsbruck so the training already continues. Today I went to Sežana to Plus climbing wall with Dutch and Indian climbing team. We had a god time and now I'm just waiting for the skin to grow back so we can continue tomorrow in Ljubljana.
Ready for training with new Lapis brush colection :)

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