sreda, 29. maj 2013

From adidas base camp to Toronto (CAN)

Last week I spent some good time in Frankenjura on adidas base camp. We had there such nice time together and learned a lot of useful things. We also had some time for rock climbing, but mostly  fotoshooting. For the prize we cooked very delicious dinner.

After Frankenjura I went directly to Canada for the next World Cup-bouldering, which will be in Toronto. Before this I had some time to spent in rock climbing in Squamish where I wished to climbed the Dreamcacher. It looked good and promising but the next day started to rain so the rout will wait for another time. Training in climbing gym it is also good preparation to competitions and we decided to spent time in indoor climbing a few days before World Cup.

See you in Toronto. klemen

testiranje adidas team v kuhinji

šef kuhinje



ponedeljek, 13. maj 2013

WC Log-Dragomer

This week we had a home competition in Log. It started all good although I thought I was climbing bad and without any coordination. I came to the semifinals and I was happy. On sunday it was much better day for climbing. I was feeling good and it was cool to climb. First boulder felt easy, third and fourth were nice, but I was a few seconds to late to reach the top. For the second one I still don't have any idea how could I start???

Now there is no time to rest. Soon there will be next comp in Innsbruck so the training already continues. Today I went to Sežana to Plus climbing wall with Dutch and Indian climbing team. We had a god time and now I'm just waiting for the skin to grow back so we can continue tomorrow in Ljubljana.
Ready for training with new Lapis brush colection :)

torek, 7. maj 2013

Swiss climbing

For the last holidays we wanted to visit new place for us Chironico. Like usual for the time of year we came there just to see everything was totally wet. So we decided to escape to the south in Varazze, Italy. Weather should be better there and it was possible to climb. Without a topo it was a little difficult to find boulders but soon we met other Slovenians and the fun could begin.
Next few days we were just climbing so I think we had a good trip and we will be back.