petek, 14. junij 2013

Hamilton & Vail

World cup in Hamilton went as planed in qualifications. I was climbing good and feeling strong. Semi finals were a little different. Somehow I just get puled of the wall. But it was good competition, I enjoyed it anyway.
Waiting for the next problem
Next stop was Boulder Colorado. With some problems with getting rental car we finally get there and we could rest before next training session in the Spot and pancake party. We were climbing a lot and in the end we also ate a lot of delicious pancakes. Next day the plan was to go to mt. Evans but we ran out of time so we spend one more day in the Spot climbing gim. 

In Vail the story from Hamilton just repeated itself. Strong in qualifications and after I don't know. I really don't like it when i'm just not climbing like I know.

One last day in America we went climbing on Independence pass. Chris and Jacki shewed us some awesome boulders up there and we all had a really good time.

Independance pas