sreda, 18. junij 2014

Bala Bala

Abella de Conca

It was a long time since I was in Spain so Nicolas Durand dind't have much problems inviting me there. He only promised me he has a lot of rocks for opening new routes and also enough of existing ones. So I booked a plane ticket and went there to see if it's relay as good as it looks on the photos. It was even better. Rocks everywhere, facing in every direction and different heights, shapes...
Abella in the middle of everything

Nico explaining us the plan of the day

In a little more than one week I just didn't want to take a day off since there are so many things to do. I climbed some cool projects like Somni Sauna super nice 30m long slightly overhanging 8c route which does't get any easier until you reach the final jug.
Canyon sector with Somni Sauna

I also opened 8 new routes. Endless journey is 60m long 8b and its long. Even for me :). Next to it I bolted another 50m mega line and I think it's much harder. Other routes are a bit easier but still fun to climb.
Red is Endless journey 8b, Blue line is still a project

It will be be perfect route for onsight. I think. 

Sectors anywhere you look

Arches. Yes you can climb here.

It's better than it looks :)

More about what we were doing there you can find on Abella climb.

Thank you Nico again for inviting me, I'll get back as soon as possible.

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