ponedeljek, 5. avgust 2013

Laste, Passo Giau and Valle di Daone

Gusela on the left and behind Tofana.

To escape from summer heat we decided to go climbing in Dolomites. Our first stop was in climbing area Laste where you can enjoy beautiful long sport routes. 3 days of hard and technical routes were perfect warm-up for multi pitch in Dolomites. Locals say that is the best crag in Dolomites.

The weather forcast was perfect for visiting mountains. This time my wife selected some hard and some easy routes from passo Giau. First route should be Via Calispera in Torre Dusso but unfortunately the description of approach is tricky and it was a shame that we couldn't find the route. I hope that on Planetmountain they would write approach info so it would be easier to understand it and there are two valleys of Carnera and not just one. We picked the wrong one :)
Luckily we met Pietro from Cortina, who recommended to climb Gusela with easy approach logistics and finding route. The next day we went to this wall and found it quickly and also the routes were there. We decided what to do by the way it looked and climbed it. It was very nice route even if we didn't know what we climbed. I freed the route and my wife jumared it all the way. The system of ascender was properly installed, so now we can go climb even longer routes. At home we found what we climbed, Fatta e rifatta 7c 200m.
The following day we decided to do easier route, named via Bolognesi IV+ 300m in Lastoni di Formin, traditional route and a little difficult to find the way up in chimneys and cracks. A little shower below the top was to early at 11 o'clock but without lighting. Descend was very beautiful, but long, all around the wall , took us 3 hours to the car park and well deserved beer.

The rest of the days we decided to go bouldering in val Daone, wich is perfect place to rest and swim in the river. Climbing conditions were a bit to hot so we went one multi pitch route in cascate di Danerba, route Cavalcando l´orso 5c 300 m on sunny day. Ufffff. That was hot.
In the afternoons we were climbing in boulder area in woods. The valley is very nice and friendly to stay for a while and chill.

The vacation some days ended, so we had to go back home and work. See you next time. 


cleaning the bottom of the route

Picnic area by the Laste

barkec pa našel svizce..
najina stena ????
našla lep razgled, stene pa ne....
base camp on passo Giau

skica za Guselo, narisal Pietro.

pogled na Lostoni di formin za naslednji dan
pogled iz Gusele.

na vrhu Lastoni di Formin

big wall in valle di Daone.

Valle di Daone- Nudole

Hair cutting