četrtek, 12. september 2013

Competition month

Whose feet are?
Last month I didn't publish much on my blog but this doesn't mean nothing was happening and I was just sitting at home eating chips and drinking beer. I was climbing a all the time, mostly training and preparing for comps. There again I wasn't so lucky in Münich. I failed already in qualifications so I went climbing in Boulderwelt. There soon I felt much better since they had more boulders I could do in one day.

One week after comp we used time for training with the rest of the team in Boulderwelt in Münich and Rregensburd and than we left with train to European championship in Eindhoven. Here I was climbing a little better and I qualified to the semifinals. But again here I did some small mistakes and I had to be happy with 11th place.

When we came home from EC I didn't have much time to train. One day and than we left to Arco. I was always happy to participate in this Rockmaster. Somehow it was also perfect I had to go through qualifications for boulder and lead since it was a good training I think. Routes and boulders were cool to climb and I qualified with no problem. On master I failed again.

And now the next stop, adidas Rockstars. It will be great event again and I can't wait for it to get started. You can watch it live on http://www.adidas-rockstars.com/live/

Mina 2nd place European championship Eindhoven 2013
Eindhoven  boulder European champion ship

Mina won Legend Award 2013, Arco
Observation the final route

climbing OS final route

study boulder time