sreda, 27. junij 2012


Last weekend was a little longer. It all started on Wednesday when we started to drive to Imst. There we were training on a big wall for 2 days with Slovenian climbing team. Training was good and I liked it a lot. After we drove to Herzogenaurach to adidas company and we spent a great time there. Next day I was driving back home. But not for long. The same day we left with Anja to Dolomites where we were planing to climb long routes in big wall.

First day we visited area with sport routes Beco d'Ajal. The rock was not so good and wet on some places. But the biggest problem for me were artificial holds. They just put them where nature never would so it is impossible to find them when onsighting. On top of it they are breaking a lot and there was always a way around them. You need just a little bit of imagination.

For Sunday climbing we did Nikibi in Lastoni di Formin. Nice 350m long 6b+. Perfec for enjoying climbing.

On the top
Monday was our last day in Dolomites. Rain woke us up and we almost wanted to drive back to Slovenia. But luckily we decided to test our new adidas clothes. The weather got better and we could finish our route with no problems. The rain started just when we finished the route and started to walk down. Under the clothes we stayed dry so rain and wind will not bother us so much anymore.

Searching for the route

On the top again
Rest after climbing

nedelja, 3. junij 2012


One more comp s over and again I didn't manadged to get to the finals. But this time I think I was climbing good feeling strong and I was missing just a little luck to get in. Now I go back home and trainsome more.

This boulder would take me to the finals. IF I would do it.