ponedeljek, 29. april 2013


One more competition is over. It went all good in qualifications and in semi finals I was doing to much little mistakes so I had to many attempts to qualify in the big final. Anyway I had a good time in the comp and now I can see I was training good and I can get much better result next time. So the training will continue and see you in Log.

petek, 26. april 2013

we are all in

We just finished with the qualification round in WC kitzbühl and I'm happy to say we are all in. Looks like the trainings were good and we are all strong. Now the girs have to do the same and we will continue tomorrow.

sreda, 24. april 2013

Training in Germany

I wanted to climb in my cave in Osp last week but it was not possible (too much water under the routes).
Swim start was not an option
So I took a little rest from climbing and I joined military base camp for thre days. It was a nice experience and we had relay good time there.

Directly after this we went with Slovenia climbing team to training camp in Germany. Our first stop was in Herzogenaurach in adidas headquarters. There we were shown around the world of adidas. Again one more awesome experience.

Next was training around different gyms around Frankenjura. Gyms were all good and I can only wish we could have something like that in Slovenia. Maybe in year 2034 :)

And since we were in Frankenjura all week it would not be a good idea to leave without even go out and try to climb in real rock. One day me an Kruder managed to escape from the team an and went enjoying in nature. It was a good decision even though we didn't do anything. Just climbing and that's all we wanted.

And now we are all ready for the next comp in Kitzbühl. See you there

petek, 12. april 2013

Istrske Toplice

Yesterday we finally had a little sun in Slovenia so we went climbing in Croatia. After a lot of thinking we decided to go in a new climbing area in Istrske Toplice. Since it was raining one night before we were expecting the worst. But all the routes were almost dry and we could enjoy nice climbing day on the sun. 
My main goal of the day was to climb one project from Gerhard Hörhager. With the help of his betas I was able to do in 3rd try. We decided it colud be graded 8c+ and the name is Cavemen's playegound.
Resting before the crux
Final crux
After happy ending :)
foto: Leo Baumgartner
Topo from Gerhard Hörhager
Now it's raining again and I can go back to train on plastic. wiippii :)

sreda, 3. april 2013

Higher Faster Stronger

Last week I spent in Annecy in CISM World Winter Army Games. We were there for one week and had a relay good time. The games opened with relay nice opening ceremony, one of the best ones for me.

I was competing in all three disciplines. First was speed and luckily not with the official speed route. I was surprised with 2nd place. Looks like even I can climb fast :).

Next was lead. Here I felt a little pressure since I wanted to defend the title from the previous games. Anyway I managed to climb good and topped all the routes except the final one where I fell few moves before the top. It was enough to get the title of Army world champion in lead climbing again.

Boulders were a little harder. The Austrians Jakob and Kilian were just too strong and I had to be happy with the 3rd place. Also I had a good excuse since I was competing in all three disciplines and I was a little tired at the end :).

More about the games you can find at:

All photos from Rajoko Petek