torek, 20. september 2016

Aragon - Bielsa and Ordesa

Sometimes summers in Catalonia are just too hot and hiding in the shade doesn't help a lot. We used this crazy heat for an excuse and start to explore Aragon.

First week we drove to the Valle de Benasque two hour away from Era Vella. Cool canyon with big walls on both sides of the road. A vista total didn't work this time and except enjoying 2 hour approach on the sun between the bushes, snakes and elephants we climbed one nice route. On the way back we found the sector we were looking for and we will come back when there will be more routes (or with the drill to make them).

Since one of us likes granite so much we had to go higher up in the mountain. 10 minutes approach and 150m long routes on altitude more than 200 meters. Amazing climbing and enjoying the day with a nice view.

In Sant Loreç de Montgai the conditions were still good only for swimming so we returned to Aragon. Devotas is a cool sector for easier routes. You can climb there in the afternoon and if it's too hot you can still throw yourself in the river.
Best spot for the summer :)
Foz de Canal, Bielsa is just another one of amazing Spanish crags whee you can find routes of all grades. Anyways the best routes start here after 8a and best conditions at 8 am. It is a perfect place for summer mornings but this time it just got too hot too soon (around 1 pm). Colder days are coming, so I'm looking forward to come back and climb all this amazing projects up there.

Our next stop was Ordesa with one of a kind big walls. Inedible place where we were enjoying one long route with a few bolts in it. There are also some harder things to do there but I need to practice a bit more how to use this decorational trad gear before I return :).

The best discovery of the short trip was a long canyon which we accidentally found on our way from Bielsa to Ordesa. One of the best walls I've seen in a long time but without any bolts or routes. Unfortunately it didn't look like it's possible to climb with trad gear so I need to return with my drill. In the river below are some awesome boulders you can do Psicobloc style.

Now enough of exploring, back to the project. Winter is coming... :)
The projecting season starts now!