sreda, 2. julij 2014


Pianbernardo is a small Italian village above Trappa. It has around 10 houses, school and bakery which are the only buildings owned by all the villagers (school was visited last time around 40 years ago and in bakery they still make some pizza once in a while). 
Not the best road but T4 can do it :)
Locals are really friendly. When we came one showed us around the village and offered us to park in front of his house. We could also use his fireplace and house which made cooking in rain much better experience. Strangely he didn't want anything in return, he was just bringing us fresh bread and meet from Trappa. I'm happy friendly people like him exist. 
Village is empty so you can sleep in the middle of it
Pancakes on BBQ
You can access Pianbernardo with 4x4 vehicle or if you drive carefully also T4 will do. Once you get there you will probably not want to go back down in the valley so better take all the staff you need for as long as you can (some forest fruits like blueberries and strongberries you can find in the forest so you can stay up there for a little longer). You can also find mushrooms or if you are really hungry there are also wild boars around.
"Strongberris are everywhere
Best thing about the village? 30 minutes hike and you're at the awesome crag with a nice view and a lot of hard and long routes. Grades are a little off sometimes but like they say in Verante sud topo they shouldn't meter. "Route should be climbed for its beauty, maybe for its history, but never for its grade". I agree with them.
Lower sector is around 30m high
Supernice 6c BS route
Unfortunately there is not many easy BS routes there yet. So we recommend to visit also the area Bagnasco. It's a conglomerate area on the way to Pianbernardo just next to the road with routes from 3-8a, all nicely bolted and super nice to climb.
Good also for resting after long drive
Bagnasco is for everyone
View from our new home. Will go back. Soon.