petek, 17. avgust 2012

And, we're back

We just finished our one month trip around Europe. It was awsome.
Preparing new equipment for new trip
Our first stop was in Briancon. There we were climbing some easier routs in the crags around. Some nice routes I also found in the middl of the town on the competition wall where I did good in qualification round and in semifinals I fell a little too soon.

Base camp
Best dinner you can get in Briancon
Next stop was Ailefroide. There we were climbing some granite multi pich routes and for the dinner I did some bouldering on the blocks around camping. Nothing new but it's always fun to climb there.

In the middle
On the top
Now it was time for Ceuse. Nice walk for warming up and even nicer lohg routes. I like this place, especialy sectors where there is not so many people and you can climb without waiting in line.

We had enough of France so we had to change country. So we continued to Switzerland. Because of some car problems we had to stop somewhere nowhere and we were forced in another rest day. Soon we continued (without power steering) to Interlaken where we found one nice area called Lehn. I liked routes there, so I did one 8b on sight and one 8c+ (2nd day). Next was Gimmelwald.

Dr wüescht Max 8a
Bandit 8b
At the garage again
Looking for solution
I hope it hellps

Since we were too lazy to walk 3 hours we took cablecar and than had a nice 30min walk to the crag. There are no easy routes so it was a little harder to warm up so Anja decidet to have a rest day and rather try to do some good photos from above. I was also kind of lazi so I was just trying to try to climb. For the photos was good enough I think :). One more area we visited in Interlake caled Wildersvil but we didn't like it so much. Maybe because of the weather.

On the way to Ötztal we did one more stop on Susten pas where I was bouldering, Anja was climbing 100m long routes and Barques was enjoying  snow running. So we were all happy.

Trying to cach a lightning

Ötztal is a place where we are always looking forward to stop by. We visited some new crags here, old ones, did some multi pich routes and in the evening training in a gim for the Rokstars competition.

Strada del sol

Last stop was in Stuttgart on adidas Rockstars competition. I was looking forward to this comp since I had it in a good memory from last year. Qualification round went good but the semifinals... I have no idea what happend. I was just falling of again and again. It justwasn't my day again. Good thing was I could relax and enjoy waching the finals from the crowd.

Now we're back in Slovenia and getting ready for the next world cup in Munich. See you there.