ponedeljek, 11. avgust 2014


In Salt Lake City was for the second time Psicobloc competition and this year I had a chance to compete there as well. All I can say is it was one of the best comps I attended so far. It was super fun to compete and I wish there will be more comps like this in the future.

All the detail you can find here:

Or here:

petek, 8. avgust 2014

Priprave-DWS, Zipline and beaches in Istria

 Barkes at Zipline in Pazin 
A week ago I spent preparing for the upcoming events. First we went to Kamenjak where I was training for DWS competition in Salt Lake City. It was fun but I wanted to climb something higher and harder. We found this close to Pula and I was able to get pumped there.

DWS in Stoja

Next part of preparation was for big Petzl roctrip. We went to Pazin where we were looking for new lines where I could bolt something. And yes, I found something and I'll be back with my drilling machine.

On the way back we were too lazy so instead of walking we took zipline. Barkues was the one who enjoyed it the most :-)
A lot of time on our trip we will spend climbing close to a see or some lake so we have to be prepered also for swimming and laying on a bech. So after this we went to prepare ourselves also for this.

One more day of climbing in Istarske toplice and we're ready for next adventures.

Stoja DWS

Vinkuran- Pula
Zarečki krov- Pazin
Enna at zipline
big preparation !!!


Big dangerous???snake!

on the way home

Right now I am in Salt Lake City, ready for big psicocomp: http://psicocomp.com/watch-live/
Wish me luck!