torek, 5. november 2013

Rock climbing in October

Last few months I had a lot of competitions so I decided for October to spent more time rock climbing. It started with TNF festival on Kalymnos. First, there was a few days of "warming up" and climbing in different sectors around the island. There were a lot of new routes and sectors since I've been there last time so I had a lot to do.
Grande Grotta and Spartan wall
TNF Festival was a cool event where they prepared one new climbing area for invited climbers. Like some rock junkies the race started already at the hotel with scooters and we were racing who will be the first at the crag. Running up and start climbing as soon as possible. We wanted to do as many routes as possible before the sun came to the wall. This happened a little too soon but still Megos managed to finish all four of our project routes. Next day they didn't let us climb in this sector so we took a rest day and drove around the island for some sightseeing and swimming. Second day in project wall I started to climb early so I could do all the routes. I finished the last one just before the sun came into the wall and after was just to hot to climb. So we went swimming again. Finishing party was awesome. Yeah

When I came back home I just packed my staff and continue traveling to Turkey. There we were opening routes in one super nice new sector. It was a lot of work but it was worth it. We did a lot of cool routes that were just amazing to climb. And there is space for more...
Our first home in Turkey
When we finished with "hard work" we moved to Olympos for local climbing festival. Another place where they have a lot of rocks and routes for enjoying next to the sea.
2nd home in Olympos
One of the many sectors
DWS wal in Olympos
Final route before I went back home

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