četrtek, 19. oktober 2017

Training Camp

Some times in order to progress only climbing around is just not enough and we need to put more energy into more specific training. Luckily I know how to combine training and climbing at the same time so it doesn't get boring and you can progress even more.

All the training camps are made specifically for a person or a group, depending on the area you want to improve. May it be lifting your onsight or redpoint limit, improving technique, get better with knee bars or heel hooks or just improve general performance. Focus is usually on the climbing technique but at the same time we will do something with the power, endurance and the mental thing.

So if you want to improve, contact me and we will make it happen :)
First we select perfect crag
Than we start climbing
And we climb
With lots of "pro tips"
Focus is the most important
Desert in the evening

Learning to rest in all kinds of positions
More climbing during the day
With a perfect view
Or easy warming ups
In spectacular cave
Or perfect bouldering gym
We will learn to dance on the wall
Typical climbers accommodation
Listen very carefully
Easy start
Climbing by the sea

Exploring new breathtaking crags
Finding secret spots
Breakfast in style
Playing safe
Make a dinner at the end of a fun day
Having a great time

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