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Pecka Climbing Festival

Last year we wanted to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Pecka climbing festival but our plans fell into the water. Since than we couldn't find time to visit this place and see what Bosnian rocks has to offer. This year looked the same. On the weekend of the festival it was raining again so luckily they decided to postponed it for the next weekend and ordered some sun from the sky spirits.
Making pancakes for the breakfast
South of Banja Luka you enter the canyon where you can see rocks everywhere. Good quality limestone with a big potential and by the road we saw some bolts. Perfect resting place with routes on a parking. You can't see this everywhere.
Just one of many cool looking rocks
Next day we continued our way to Pecka where the festival took place. In the middle of nowhere we park a car but we couldn't see any rocks. 100 meters of walking through a forest and a view opens on a cool sectors with many routes up to 30m high. The routes were on the sun so we had to wait until evening to start climbing.
The overhanging sector "Marshal"

Routes are nicely bolted and mostly with small pockets and solid rock. Soon we came to the overhanging sector where the hardest routes of Pecka were hiding. After doing two of them I decided to make another one for Justin Case I don't run out of them. This one is hard and now I can return here without any fear of doing all the routes fast. In the following days I was trying also many other routes there and I must say I liked almost all of them.
I like my job
The festival was one of a kind with a lot of climbers and we climbed a lot. In the evenings we had big fire and after we were making Banjaluški čevapčiči and for the dessert Griled bana with chocolate. The nights were made interesting with "Forest film festival" where they screened some movies and everyone had a great time.
Klemen & Klemen in action

In the end I was happy I went there and found a new climbing spot with friendly people where I will definitely come back soon.
Grilled banana with chocolate

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