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Chulilla, Abella & Ardege

In end of April I went to a small trip in Spain. I spent two weeks in Chulilla where I was first trying to onsight some harder routes and than I bolted a new 70m line in sector Balcon. It's amazing route and I hope many climbers will try it all the way to the top.
Somewhere in Chulilla
Anty Gravity, 8b+, 70 meters high
1st pitch is 8a+
2nd is 8b

For the rest day we went on a search for some new crags in Titaguas. Approach was not the easiest but we had a lot of fun finding new amazing rocks where we will bolt next time.
New hot spot in Spain
Amazing rocks everywhere
In Chulilla was getting too hot but I still managed to climb there and make one more route in the canyon. Heat and mosquitoes didn't bother Anja since she did her first 7c in the worst possible conditions. 
For me it was too hot to climb but Anja still did her first 7c
New route with a little different approach 
Perfect qualiti of rock from opening bottoms up
Many new possibilities
Getting food is sometimes not so easy
It was time to move to Abella de la Conca. One week of bolting and I managed to make a nice summer sector where you can hide from the crazy heat.
One week of work for bolting, for climbing all the routes maybe a bit more
Last week of my trip I went to France. On a EXPLOS film festival in Ax les Thermes where I was presenting my movie Bala Bala! Ardege is an amazing place with many different kind of climbing areas, caves and cool people. I don't know why I didn't visit this place before but I'm sure I'll be back soon. (here you can find the topos of most of the places)
Welcome to Ax
Sector with harder routes
Just before the fall
Cave has cool long overhanging, pumpy routes
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