četrtek, 5. julij 2012

Fidel Incastro 9a

Hiding from heat was only possible in big caves. So I went again to Itali to climb in Grotta Katarina. First I did FA in Hello Ketty 8a. It's realy nice route and it finishes deep in the cave so it's a little hard to see where to go in the end.
Cave Katarina
Finishing route Hello Ketty
Locals are usually flying, not climbing
The next one was the project. First I went in just to clean it and after was a serious try. I was surprised I came to the last crux quite fresh so I did a small mistake and fell. So I had to try again. Anyway I didn't mind because the route is so awesome you want to climb it again and again :). This time I did it. Of course at the end you have to top out and walk down around like in all normal boulders. Name of the route is Fidel Icastro and I think it could be graded 9a. I don't know. But it's nice and worth a try.

I had to use a lot of strange knee-bars

Sometimes if feels more overhanging than it is
You have to spin a lot in this route

I was still hoping I will not fall

This time I didn't fell like a beginner
After I tried to onsight another 8c but looks like the project did a good job taking all the energy out of me so I fell just under the chain.
Kalispera 8c - Funny climbing in a roof
Kalispera 8c - if you don't like to use knee-bars don't try it
Final crux in Kalispera 8c

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