torek, 2. oktober 2012


This weekend I skipped WC in Atlanta but I participated in a little different competition. I went on Johanov memorial which was happening in big wall in Osp. We were climbing first 5 pitches of route Goba (7c, 100m). It was fun and fast. My time was 8.09 minutes, not as fast as I could go but fast enough for the first place. Second was my brother Jure with 12.45, and third Luka Zazvonil.
Sometimes also speed can be fun :)
Top rope is the best
Final crux just before the top
1st 3 places
Winners in women category
2 winners, me and Maja
All the results
After speed I went to finish my new project. I had to put some sika on a few holds so they don't break. I don't like it but the rock in one section of the route is unfortunately relay bad and I had to do it. Now the route is finished and ready for climbing. So everybody is welcome to try and do it. I pay a beer to the one who will do first ascent. 
Dirty job with sika

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    Thought this post was cool, and I noticed something similar on Jernej's blog so I wrote about it. : )