četrtek, 13. december 2012

Vamos in Espanja

It feels good to rest a little before I go to Spain and go climb a muerte again. But it was not all just resting this weak. I also went "training" for filming for Sport TV and we did this:
And this week we had another filming on Urban Roof where we went live in a show Good morning on national TV. http://tvslo.si/predvajaj/dobro-jutro-3-del/ava2.152781238/. I started talking on minute 43 if you don't want to watch the whole thing :).

Now I'm already packing for the trip to Spain where we will spend some time just climbing around. First stop will be Oliana and than we will drive down to the south. We'll see how far we can get this time :)
Welcome to Oliana, Tequila, ....
Projet in Puta negra in Montenejos. Hope it's still there
View from Calpe
Villanueva del Rosario
So lets go.

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