sreda, 3. april 2013

Higher Faster Stronger

Last week I spent in Annecy in CISM World Winter Army Games. We were there for one week and had a relay good time. The games opened with relay nice opening ceremony, one of the best ones for me.

I was competing in all three disciplines. First was speed and luckily not with the official speed route. I was surprised with 2nd place. Looks like even I can climb fast :).

Next was lead. Here I felt a little pressure since I wanted to defend the title from the previous games. Anyway I managed to climb good and topped all the routes except the final one where I fell few moves before the top. It was enough to get the title of Army world champion in lead climbing again.

Boulders were a little harder. The Austrians Jakob and Kilian were just too strong and I had to be happy with the 3rd place. Also I had a good excuse since I was competing in all three disciplines and I was a little tired at the end :).

More about the games you can find at:

All photos from Rajoko Petek

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