sreda, 19. marec 2014

Climbing in Buzet

Last weekend we found cool new climbing destination close to our home. It is a place we visited before for many times but we didn't know it has so much routes and sectors already ready to climb. And the best thing is it still has a lot of potential for some hard and easy routes.

We were climbing hard routes in Pandora where we also opened two new lines. In the afternoon we were climbing easier routes 5 kilometers away on the way to Istrske toplice. For me some of the best easy climbs. Other sectors we are going to visit this week (not all. Its too much of them)

Izi in Avatar 8b
New project
Blob 8c
Sector with easier routes
Monday I charged batteries on my fancy new Bosch drilling machine so I could start working on my next project. Hard multi pitch route in Osp, starting in the cave and going all the way to the top of the wall. It's almost finished so now it's time to climb it... video coming soon
Somewhere in the middle
This is just the upper partž
After 12 hours of "hard" work

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