četrtek, 15. oktober 2015

When everything goes wrong

I woke up in a nice sunny morning in Drašnice. I was feeling good and strong after (forced) rest day. Skin was back on my fingers so I skipped morning swimming in the sea and went directly to my project.
View from Apolo apartments
I was hoping the crux will look like this
2 days ago it was dry and possible
Just hanging around on 1st belay
From the parking I could see it's more wet than rocks on the bottom of the sea. Anyway I went up optimistically. But closer to the wall I got, the worst it looked.
My route is the black line on the left. Hopes of doing the route that day were gone. Washed away.
Since I was already there I decided to try it like salmon and swim up the tufas. Impossible to get to the first belay so I just took out the quickdraws and went back home.
Good memories of the 2nd pitch
Dry and clean. Perfect for enjoying the day
I like tufas
I wanted to start the car, but the battery was dead. Oh well. With the help of some friendly local we started the car and after 500 meters I found out there was a bee in my shirt and .... f***... u*** p***
Unfortunately it's not always sunny and windy in Dalmatia
We stayed one more night in Drašnice, woke up in another nice sunny day, took a swim and drove back home to Slovenia. 
On the way back home we stopped to see the new canyon of Čikole
Just another canyon with good quality rock everywhere and just waiting to be bolted
OK, back to Slovenia. Welcome home :)

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  1. It's normal! Everybody knows that wherever you go, you always bring bad weather with you :D