ponedeljek, 21. maj 2012

Innsbruck & Osapska pošast

One more competition is over and again I was driving back home disappointed. Somehow I finished again in qualification round. Why? I don't know but I know I'm strong enough and I can do much better next time in Vail.
Mina was the only Slovenian in semi finals
Trip to Innsbruck was not complete waste of time. After qualification round we went bouldering in Zilertal. Here we had much better time and we were enjoying climbing in granite.
Trying to forget the comp


On Sunday I finally had time to go to Osp and try my project again. After a long fight rest and some more fight the monster has been defeated. I was happy but on the way down I already started to look where the next mega line will go. I also added one extra chain for the first part of the route if someone doesn't feel like climbing all 55 meters to the top.
Osapska pošast

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